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Intro (Yumen)


Intro (Yumen)


11-12th  August 2018


Devil’s Ridge offers an extreme endurance challenge in the southernmost region of the Gobi Desert. This hidden gem offers a spectacular diversity of colours, vast plateaus and mountains. We're proud to introduce a 100km race this year, in addition to our 60km and 25km events.

Devil's Ridge will take runners through stunning sand canyons, past an inactive volcano, straight towards the high snow-capped peaks in the distance. Comparatively moderate elevation gain is more than made up for by the relentless desert heat, continuous exposure to elements, and technical trail sections. All runnable, not all easy. Pure desert grit.

Devil's Ridge 25

Date: 11th August, 2018

Distance: 25km

Elevation gain: 781m

Minimum elevation: 1,740m

Maximum elevation: 1,964m

Devil's Ridge 60

Date: 11th August, 2018

Distance: 60km

Elevation gain: 2,154m

Minimum elevation: 1,757m

Maximum elevation: 3,316m

Devil's Ridge 100

Date: 11th August, 2018

Distance: 102.8km

Elevation gain: 3,316m

Minimum elevation: 1,772m

Maximum elevation: 3,535m


China Mountain Trails

China Mountain Trails

Entry Fee & Refund Policy

Devil's Ridge 25: HKD 384

Devil's Ridge 60: HKD 776

Devil's Ridge 100: HKD 1,011

Although we do not refund race entries under any circumstances, all entries are fully transferable up to 10 days before race start. Email info@cnmtntrails.com and cc the runner you wish to transfer your registration to. Maximum one transfer per entry is permitted. Email info@cnmtntrails.com and cc the runner you wish to transfer your registration to. Maximum one transfer per entry is permitted. This applies to both category and runner changes. Please note an admin fee of $100 (HKD) will be applied.

*The final decision rests with the race director.  

Travel & Accommodation

Participants will generally fly into Jiayuguan Airport (Gansu Province, China) and bus/bullet train to Yumen. The airport is served by various carriers from Beijing, Xi’an and Lanzhou airports. These airports in turn connect to many hubs in the U.S. (NY, LA, San Francisco), Europe (London, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Helsinki), and Asia (KL, Seoul, Bangkok, Taipei, HK, Tokyo, Singapore) etc. Each airport is about an hour and a half drive from Yumen City, the race base.



Yumen offers many accommodation options from hostels through to 5 star hotels, and runners are free to choose any accommodation they want prior to the eve of the event.

 Please contact us directly at info@cnmtntrails.com for assistance.


Our staff is well versed in equipment suitable to get you through the challenges you will countenance.If you have any questions on any of the below mentioned items, please contact us at info@cnmtntrails.com or send us a message on Facebook.
NOTE: Your race bib must be worn at all times – this applies to all categories.


The race takes runners through very forbidding environments, with longer stretches away from car-accessible points. While checkpoints are evenly placed to provide a maximum of coverage, the below equipment equipment is mandatory to ensure every participant’s safety:


Running pack
Capacity to carry 1.5L of water
Lightweight wind jacket
500kcal Nutrition (gels, bars, etc.)
Emergency Blanket