Our Team


Our Team

Our Team


The China Mountain Trails team benefits from close relationships with countless fantastic trail runners, race organisers, camp workers, emergency professionals,  local volunteers, and all manner of outdoor enthusiasts.

Without their expertise and help, none of this would be possible.



Born in Yancheng, a prefecture-level city in northeastern Jiangsu province, Thomas Cai was a keen sportsman from a young age. After college Thomas became a full-time athlete, showing skill and bravery as an international boxing professional. No longer boxing, Thomas favours running these days when finding time from his bust work schedule. As a successful entrepreneur he successively founded Jiangsu Sunyu Information Technology Co. Ltd., Nanjing Imohoo Information Technology Co. Ltd and Nanjing Xempower Information Technology Co. Ltd. Xempower work with translation, computer software development and many facets of the sports industry. As a young entrepreneur, Thomas has experienced many ups and downs. His previous experience as a boxer gave Thomas many qualities that help in his working life including optimism, belief, and a strong will to succeed. Thomas runs every day and has participated in many marathons and trail running races. This passion for sport and running has inspired his decision to immerse his business life in these industries and create China Mountain Trails.



Witold spent most of his childhood on multi-day family excursions into the Polish mountains and leafing through the many hundreds of yellow-bound National Geographic magazines neatly arranged on a bookcase at home.

His running adventure started at a very young age, traveling from one orienteering competition to another with his father, occasionally being allowed to run a junior course himself.

Witold reinvigorated his passion for trail running in Hong Kong while he was working towards a degree in Sociology. He has since finished countless distances and events, ranging from 6km sprints, through road marathons, mountain ultras, to multi-day self-supported adventures.

Witold’s race design philosophy focuses on creating courses offering natural beauty, sense of place, technical challenge, while emphasising runner safety. 



Previously employed as an economist in Australia, Etienne made the decision to pursue a career in constructing running events, something, as an  outdoor enthusiast, he is truly passionate about. Etienne now has extensive experience in race development throughout Asia.

As an avid runner himself, Etienne won The North Face 50 in Singapore in 2013 and successfully defended his title in 2014. He won the Stampede 50 trail race in New Zealand in 2014, TMBT 50 in Malaysia and Zermatt in Swtizerland (2016).