2nd - 4th May 2019

We’re very pleased to announce the thurd Yading Skyrun. This year China Mountain Trails introduces two new routes: the new Yading Skyrun (32km) and the Yading Ultra Kora (52km). While the names remain the same, the courses are different, and brings with them more challenge and greater difficulty. The weekend event will encapsulate running, serious challenge, reward, culture, atmosphere, great food and drink, and awesome festivities. Event details and schedule

This area of Yading is blessed with immense natural beauty, including the three sacred peaks (Mount Chenrezig, Jampayang, and Chenadorje) which loom over the National Park at an altitude of over 6,000m. From the 5th Dalai Lama through Joseph Rock this area has been a source of spiritual inspiration. With over 2,300m of elevation gain over the length of the course, and the finish line sitting at just over 4,000m, the race challenges beginners and elites alike.


Date: 2nd May 2019

Start time: 11:00AM (Noon)

Distance: 7km

Cut-off time: 3 hours

Elevation gain: 1,072m

Maximum altitude: 5,000m

Description: The Vertical Kilometre will pit the toughest athletes against its 1072 metres of a climb from Chonggu Temple (3992m), past alpine forest, prayer flags, and a glacier lake, all the way to a High Pass at 5000 metres, delivering an absolutely breathtaking climb.


Date: 4th MAy 2019

Start time: 7:00AM

Distance: 32km

Cut-off time: 11 hours

Elevation gain: 2,819m

Maximum altitude: 4,735m

Description: The Yading Skyrun® begins in the centre of the Yading’s Shangri-La. After 3.5km of gradual downhill on dirt track the race hits in low point of 2860m before the real fun begins. Passing by a small charming village, runners hit single track which hugs the glacier-fed river through alpine forests and rugged vegetation. The race continues uphill the whole time while crisscrossing the river four times over rugged wooden bridges to top out at a col strewn with mulit-coloured Buddhist prayer flags. Here runners will have hit an altitude of 4,600m. Unlike previous years, there’s a higher peak to climb though, and with an additional journey to Yading.


Date: 4th MAY 2019

Start time: 3:30AM

Distance: 53km

Cut-off time: 17.5 hours

Elevation gain: 3,907m

Maximum altitude: 4,735m

Description: 52km category will take runners from the town of Shangri-la (2900m), climbing next to a glacier-fed river flowing out of Yading, to then follow a traditional Kora (pilgrimage) route around the sacred Mt. Chenresig, climbing two mountain passes (nearly 4700m each) before finishing at Yading town. True mountain adventure, only for the brave.